Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2007
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Ok, now I am back in my life and is time to write down my qdventures on CLT 2007.

I started on Friday morning in Stuttgart at the RedHat Office with a coffee break waiting for Sascha who gave me then some Hardware for our Booth - thanks to Florian and Sascha for the short unbureaucratic help.

Then I head towards another CoffeeBreak to Olli and gave him a Fedora Shirt for printing a fedora banner for Fosdem last weekend. I have set up some router and server configurations for him. Then I continued the journey from Stuttgart to Chemnitz 450km and I arrived at 06:00 PM.

The Information Booth welcomed me and helped me to find the booth and provided me a NameCard and meal tickets.

Now lets look at the Booth.
We had a table and a wall

On the left side of the wall, We sticked the Poster that DianaFong has designed in the last minute.

The location of the booth was optimal, depending on how the visitors started the visit, they started or ended with us.

For the buildup, I talked to some of the Organisation Team and they gave me all I want - tape, powerplugs, NetworkCable and i began to put my(Chitlesh's) posters on the Booth. A good hour later ChitleshGoorah has arrived with Mirjam the Kubuntu Team. Chitlesh and I build up the rest of the booth - damn we needed USB Keyboards - thank you Anonymous for lending us your Keyboard.

So we had two Computer Stations at the booth
- one with KDE,Beryl and Fedora DirectoryServer and
- one with Gnome and Compiz -

We cheated with the new Echo Icon Set and sometimes we used DianaFong's Artwork for the Screensaver. We sticked the DVD's on the Desk so a visitor must ask if he wants one. We left
the Hardware at the Booth and reserved a table with a slip of paper on it.

Then at 09:30PM Chitlesh and some others went to dinner - i visited my parents, they live not far away.

At the next day 08:00AM the only stolen thing was the table - we know who!

Chitlesh who take the indoor-camping overnight - was waiting for me at the booth - i think he sleept not so well. JensKuehnel our third Booth Member and organizer has arrived shortly after me - so we started.

At the beginning we had constantly many visitors at the booth - most of them knew what Fedora is. Many of them had questions what for GraphicCards we used and some how they can tune the Desktop and why their ATI Cards not work properly. So we tell them from Fedora 7 and the Merge and showed them the OS.

In the EasternRegions of Germany, Broadband is not widely spread, so many asked for DVDs - what I had never expected.

We had also a guy who bring his Laptop with FC4 to make his WLAN work - we gave him a FC6 DVD ;-)

Then another one asked for the FedoraDirectory Server - funny thing the ./startconsole worked only via vnc :-( ?

Chitlesh was confronted with a clever - good looking - mathematic student girl - she wants him to install FC6 complete new on her laptop and make her wlan work. And Chitlesh did it!
Another thing and we are happy about it - was that the LinuxGamesCorner and
some other Booth's used Fedora.

Also we had some "Fosdem" visitors the german PostgreSQL and the CentOS guys!
Jens was preparing and gave his talk. One for each day ;-)

At the evening the social Event has taken place and the meal was very good!!!
Unfortunately I had to prepare some work for my company so I could not join the other guys.
So the first day ended.

The second Day started for me at 10:00AM and we noticed much lesser visitors then the day before. Maybe they all listen to the talks. So in summary the questions were the same but the mathematic stundent girl wanted more assistance from Chitlesh for installing some statistical Programms - he mastered this very easy ;-)

Then I took 4 hours work for my company in the lunchroom, so Chitlesh supervised the booth - Jens was also very busy. Later i talked with some visitors and some people from other booths - they all like and respect what Fedora does - and had also a nice Patent Discussions.

I think there was nearly 3000 people at the event and now some more of them will use/try/retry

So the day ended at 05:30PM - so we removed our booth stuff and went our way. ;-)
All 25 PPC DVD are sold out - the Rest for other Plattform was taken by Chitlesh for CEBIT.

So the users did not want our FudCon Boston Shirts so i have 3 Shirts left and a benefit of 214€ - we will use this Money for Linuxtag or for producing our own SWAG - we will discuss this, but you will hear what we do with it.

I am sure I have forgotten some important things but I will not forget to say
how good organized this event was - for Booth Personals the whole day Coffee, Water and SoftDrinks are free also fruits, snacks and sandwiches. You get one free warm meal per day and your are free to go to the socialevent. They helped all the time with what they had. Internet wired and wireless worked well.

So I will come back next year and present Fedora!

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